Spectrum Monitoring - Measurement and Techniques
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Spectrum Monitoring - Measurement and Techniques

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Training Focus

This course is based on the latest ITU-R and CEPT recommendations, reports and handbooks and provides an introduction into the most common spectrum monitoring and measurements techniques. It is also presented theoretical background and practical examples that help in understanding specifics of administrative radio monitoring. The training concludes with number of practical examples.

Course Objectives

After the training, the participants will be able to understand standards, the procedures and methods of the most common monitoring measurements, to distinguish between different measurements technologies, to respect technical limitations of measurement equipment, to present results to different user groups on a simple way.

Intended for

This course is intended for those who have a basic knowledge of radio communications and electromagnetic wave propagation, who are interested in spectrum monitoring measurement and techniques and who may be employed in regulatory authorities that supposed to execute spectrum monitoring measurements, reporting and providing early warnings to policy makers.


  • General expectations of spectrum monitoring
  • Utilization of radio monitoring results
  • Manual monitoring (ITU/ECC references, proposed procedure)
  • Channel & band occupancy (ITU R1, ERO/ECC )
  • Monitoring of broadcast
  • Interference description, detection, reporting
  • Analysis of results and reporting
  • Automated monitoring
  • Detection of regulatory unauthorized utilizations
  • Inspection/certification/technical acceptance
  • Monitoring of digitally modulated signals
  • Real time radio occupancy monitoring (for utilizing of whitespace)
  • General license compatibility monitoring (like SRD/ISM/WiFi)
  • Monitoring of assignments (like cellular access systems or MMDS)
  • Areal monitoring (geolocation of low power sources)
  • Interpretation of results and publishing (what, why and when to publish)

2 days

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