Spectrum Matters for 5G
Spectrum Matters for 5G
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Spectrum Matters for 5G

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Training Focus

5G is driven by the need for mobile operators to quench the growing, insatiable and unquestionable thirst for mobile data, and to support new use cases and services. Numerous institutional, academic, commercial and regulatory organizations are working towards the commercialization of 5G services but fundamental questions remain such as what is 5G, what will 5G look like, and how will this impact spectrum demand, authorization and usage? There is also the question of technology: Will 5G be a new technology (and air-interface) or will it be a system of different technologies, each playing to their own strengths? When it comes to the question of spectrum however, there are many different views about how growth in data traffic impacts upon demand for radio spectrum. It is also evident that, below 6 GHz, there is very little spectrum remaining that can be re-farmed for mobile services and much of the focus for new spectrum for future mobile (5G) services is concentrated above 6 GHz. How feasible is it to deliver mobile services at such high frequencies? Are there ways to use existing spectrum more efficiently, or are technologies such as LTE Advanced already very close to the limit of what is achievable?

Course Objectives

After completing the course, participants will have an understanding how the evolution towards a 5G standard is leading the chase to identify new spectrum, which spectrum bands are under consideration, and whether 5G might mark the end to the hunger of mobile operators for more spectrum.

Intended for

those who need to better understand the spectrum implications of 5G technologies, whether from a regulatory, commercial or technical perspective.


  • Forecasts of demand for data services
  • Realistically forecasting spectrum demand
  • Bands capabilities and issues with existing IMT bands
  • New bands being considered for 5G services
  • Propagation and coverage of bands above 6 GHz
  • The spectrum efficiency of existing IMT technologies
  • The 5G ecosystem
  • A roadmap for the introduction of 5G services
  • Authorization of 5G spectrum


2 days