Radio Link Calculation and Coordination Tool –  CHIRplus_TC 05.-07.06.2024
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Radio Link Calculation and Coordination Tool – CHIRplus_TC 05.-07.06.2024

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Training Focus
The design of microwave links requires complex calculations to dimension link capacity and availability or to assign frequencies. The planning tool CHIRplus_TC provides the required functionality in a user-friendly way and is essential for proper link design. The seminar introduces essential features to perform link engineering and planning tasks for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint systems. The first day is dedicated to the general tool handling. The different database functions and configurations are presented and discussed with the delegates. The following days will cover the necessary steps to perform typical link calculations - from data input over the setting of required parameters to the calculations analyses. Finally, reports and data export options will be presented. The entire workflow that is required to execute microwave radio link planning tasks as well as the Point-to-Multipoint network planning process is covered. Additionally, an overview of further network technologies included in the Net Module will be introduced.

Course Objectives
After the training the delegates will be able to efficiently solve link
planning and coordination tasks using CHIRplus_TC and to interpret the calculation results for microwave links and Point-to-Multipoint networks.

Intended for
This course is intended for those who have basic knowledge in radio communication and microwave link design and who are interested in the functionality provided by CHIRplus_TC.


  •     Setup and configuration of CHIRplus_TC
  •     Interaction with the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  •     Usage of databases and spreadsheets (especially filtering)
  •     Point-to-Point microwave link design
  •     Path profile and link budget
  •     Reliability/availability analyses
  •     Frequency planning and network optimization
  •     Interference calculation and complete network analyses
  •     Point-to-Multipoint network planning
  •     Net Module: Overview of network technologies
  •     Data import and export, reports and documentation

3 days

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