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Map Switzerland

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Mapping Data Specification:

Digital Surface Model (DSM) Clutter / Land-use Background Map
Resolution: 25m per pixel Resolution: 25m per pixel Resolution: minimum 60cm per pixel
Projection: UTM zone 32 North Projection: UTM zone 32 North Projection: OSM Mercator
Datum: WGS84 Datum: WGS84 Datum: WGS84
Source: EU-DEM, vintage 2018 Classes: sea, inland water, marsh/swamp, sealed surface, quasi open, open, low vegetation, village, suburban/residential, industrial/commercial, low urban, mean urban, dense urban Source: connection to WMTS server from required
Source: Land/Sea/Water taken from Aster Water Body, vintage 2019; Forest taken from Hansen Tree cover 2018; Other classes taken from vector data from

The lease period for the digital mapping data is 12 months.