5G Readiness and Network Deployment
5G Readiness and Network Deployment
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5G Readiness and Network Deployment

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Training Focus

5G has been designed to support a wide range of use cases, requiring many new considerations when implementing networks. From the network densification expected for enhanced mobile broadband, to dedicated networks for applications such as industrial automation, the challenges in rolling-out 5G are varied and different from previous generations of wireless broadband technology. This course examines the regulatory, operational and commercial challenges of rolling-out 5G networks. It provides a detailed view of network deployment using new 5G technology and the practicalities of roll-out. It provides examples and exercises which untangle the complexities of 5G network deployment for all the parties involved, and it will enable informed business decisions, and help those involved in 5G to establish future use and roll-out strategies.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, participants will have a solid grounding in the challenges facing 5G network roll-out and deployment across a range of different scenarios, and will understand the challenges and benefits compared to historical wireless technologies.

Intended for

those who wish to strengthen their knowledge of 5G technology, or will be involved its deployment, roll-out or use, and who need to understand the challenges and implications of 5G roll-out on their businesses or organizations. This includes governments, local authorities, vertical industries (e.g. energy, transport, education, healthcare, manufacturing or utilities), operators and vendors.


  • Understand the status of 5G and the road-map to its initial and longer-term deployment
  • Identify the key challenges in deploying 5G infrastructure and accessing new and existing spectrum bands
  • Demonstrate the benefits and features of 5G technology and how it will support a wide range of different users
  • Examine the likely costs of a typical 5G deployment
  • Discover how to achieve positive benefits from 5G technology deployment


1 day